High translucency Cercon, make no metal in the mouth any more

Friday, September 01, 2017 11:02 AM

The advancement in dental material of All Ceramic crown is improving everyday. Since the need of the customer patients always grown up. Nowadays no one want the dull Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown in the mouth. 

The History of All Ceramic Crown

The crown that popularly use is Porcelain Fused to metal crown. Since the porcelain is very brittle if it don't have strong substructure to support them. This kind of crown still being use with the patients until now. But the disadvantage of this type of crown is it has metal substructure inside to make the crown look dull. The beginning of trying to do crown without metal inside was began at lease 25 years ago. First dentist try to use layering porcelain that usually bake to the metal substructure to do crown called Porcelain Full Bake. It look good when no metal but very brittle when use in the mouth. After that we have Inceram in around 20 year ago. This crown have the new all ceramic substructure that was the mix of pure aluminum inject with glass make it look more translucency than metal but somewhat too dull and the strength is just for one crown cannot make any bridge. Empress Crown was came out in around 15 years ago the prototype is not so strong but can bond to the natural tooth and use tooth like substructure to make it strong enough in the mouth. But the best property of Empress is it is very translucent that make it can imitate the natural teeth. Up till now Empress is still the best one on the market and improve to Empress Emax Crown that have the strength enough to make 3 unit of Bridge on the front teeth. Meanwhile the Research and development of using Zirconium to make all ceramic crown is developing. The first Cercon Crown is came out around 10 years ago . The prototype of cercon have a very high strength all ceramic substructure it have around 1,200 mPa when compare to metal is around 1,900 mPa. But the problem is it look very dull that after coated with porcelain it still dull like you do metal substructure. The breakthrough is now Cercon have improved to High translucency cercon that is now serving the need of the patients. It can do crown and long span bridge with a very high translucent as natural teeth and have the strength enough for masticatory force. 

Clinical application of All Ceramic Crown 

So Now most of the all ceramic restoration are using Empress Crown and High translucency Cercon Crown for cosmetic restoration not just only anterior teeth but also posterior teeth. When we want to make a single Crown that want to use the bonding property to tooth we use Empress. When we want to make single crown or Bridge on anterior or posterior that want the strength of the material we use High translucency Cercon. Even in the parafunction of the patients like Bruxism, we can design the posterior bridge into All Cercon Bridge which still look translucence and strong enough to bear the parafunction force.

In conclusion with the advance technology of all ceramic crown we can avoid using Porcelain fused metal crown,old fashion crown that have the metal inside,in every situation. So we can now can say that with the lated technology now make no metal in the mouth any more.

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Hazel Ruivenkamp


Hi my name is Hazel from Australia I have just has new wiz bang veneers put on 15 of my teeth and I am thrilled to bits with the results .
I can't say it was painless but as the saying goes no pain no gain . 
Dr Boon was like a master craftsman, making sure every tooth made the correct contact

Mr.David Smith


David Smith and his wife Debra are our patients which refer by their relative. Thanks David for your kind Testimonial

Mr.Gerard Ruivenkamp


Gerade Ruinenkamp is our patients for over 7 years. He kindly give us his testimonial. Thank you Gerade

Duport Turine


“My smile is beautiful“


“Dr.Boonyarit is expert, very patient, good dentist“

Christine Smith

Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kim Just wanted to say Hi and thank you again for my beautiful new teeth, everyone says that they look so real, and I cannot stop smiling, once again please thank Dr Boon for such a rushed job. I hope to come back with my family in early May next year and my daughter in law would love to have her teeth done also

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