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Finding the right dentist in your own country can be quite a chore at the best of the times.  You have to take in to account the travelling distance and the cost and the scheduling of appointments and ultimately it can be quite stressful so what do you do and who do you turn to if you are on holiday and require or fancy a dental checkup?  Bangkok is one great place to visit as a holiday destination or to live if you are looking for some place more exotic but the same thing applies.  Finding a Bangkok dental provider that meets your quality standard can be quite a task also.  This is simply because there are literally hundreds of different dental clinics in Bangkok that it can be a huge choice knowing which one to pick.

Location is probably the most important factor when it comes to picking the right dentist and luckily PMDC Dental has locations all around the main areas of Bangkok.  Many people do not realise that the majority of Bangkok dental clinics tend to be located in shopping centres because it just makes sense that you may need a haircut and then a dental appointment and not having to travel so far between the two in the heat of Bangkok can be a time saver, that is assured.    When it comes to experience and the level of service on over PMDC Dental again demonstrates why it is one of the premier Bangkok dental clinics.  There is never such thing as too much detail, especially when it comes to dentistry as techniques are quite complex and the staff at PMDC Dental care about teeth very, very much.

They know teeth inside and out (if that is even possible) and you immediately know that you will get top class service at a price that is affordable with superb aftercare service also.  This is why PMDC Dental is known as one of the top Bangkok dental clinics currently and it is easy to see why.  Sometimes the dentist themselves is just as important as the clinic and with friendly and informative staff on hand to guide and assist you you are definitely in safe hands and you certainly feel more relaxed knowing that the entire process will be straightforward and whilst not pain free entirely the dentist and nursing staff at PMDC Dental will do their very best to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable.

There is nothing worse than being worried or tense about a dental operation which is why the staff at any one of the clinics of PMDC Dental will happily explain the procedure you are about to undertake and answer any questions that you may have about the process also as it is always reassuring if you know and understand exactly what you are about to have happen.  The more informed you are the more relaxed you feel and this is why, when it comes to Bangkok dental clinics, PMDC Dental stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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Hazel Ruivenkamp


Hi my name is Hazel from Australia I have just has new wiz bang veneers put on 15 of my teeth and I am thrilled to bits with the results .
I can't say it was painless but as the saying goes no pain no gain . 
Dr Boon was like a master craftsman, making sure every tooth made the correct contact

Mr.David Smith


David Smith and his wife Debra are our patients which refer by their relative. Thanks David for your kind Testimonial

Mr.Gerard Ruivenkamp


Gerade Ruinenkamp is our patients for over 7 years. He kindly give us his testimonial. Thank you Gerade

Duport Turine


“My smile is beautiful“


“Dr.Boonyarit is expert, very patient, good dentist“

Christine Smith

Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kim Just wanted to say Hi and thank you again for my beautiful new teeth, everyone says that they look so real, and I cannot stop smiling, once again please thank Dr Boon for such a rushed job. I hope to come back with my family in early May next year and my daughter in law would love to have her teeth done also

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