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All-on-4 is the implant technic that use only 4 Implants to support the complete dental arch. This technic has minimal surgery and come out with highly esthetic result. It is suitable for the patients who has few teeth left on the dental arch and condition of the left teeth is not so strong. It is good for the patients that want to avoid extensive bone graft, avoid bone graft on wide maxillary sinus, or avoid bone graft on insufficient bone on lower posterlor mandible. This technic use the anterior bone that usually have more bone on most of the patients to support the 4 implants to make complete dental arch restoration. May be we have to tilt some of the implants to support the posterior restoration. This technic can construct Temporary Restoration support by the newly placed implant and use it immedieatly after surgery. Normally the all-on-4 Technic will restore only 12 teeth and end on first molar. If the patients want to restore 14 teeth and end to second molar,on the case that have enough bone on posterior we can put more 2 implants on the posterior area to get adequate support for the more occlusal force of the restoration and may be called All-on-6 Technic


  • Take digital photo, take impression for a study model, CBCT Scan, and then we will gather all the information to make your Treatment planning for All-on-4 Technic

  • On surgery day  we will put 4 implant into your dental arch by follow the Treatment planning. We will restore your temporary restoration immedieatly after the surgery but actually on the next day.

  • Patients will make appointment for recheck and we will let the patients use the Temporary Restoration for at least 2 months after surgery to waiting for the complete osseointegration of the implants before Permanent Restoration.
  • Permanent Restoration construction


All-on-4 Technic is the implant technic that save cost for the patients by using only 4 implants to support the complelte dental arch. This technic avoid the extensive bone graft and the patients can use the temporary restoration immedieatly after the surgery and come out with the highly esthetic result. So this is why this technic is getting more and more popular nowadays

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