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See people tallk about PMDC International Cosmetic Dental Center.

Hazel Ruivenkamp, Australia

Hi my name is Hazel from Australia I have just has new wiz bang veneers put on 15 of my teeth and I am thrilled to bits with the results .
I can't say it was painless but as the saying goes no pain no gain . 
Dr Boon was like a master craftsman, making sure every tooth made the correct contact  with each other . He was very attentive in knowing when to stop to give me a break . And now Kim what a wonderful warm and kind lady she is so helpful and sweet. 
Everyone at PMDC  from the two ladies behind the desk to the dental assistant to the lady who kept us in ice water , tea and coffee were fantastic ,they  made the experience so much better . Thank you PMDC

Mr.David Smith, Australia

David Smith and his wife Debra are our patients which refer by their relative. Thanks David for your kind Testimonial

Mr.Gerard Ruivenkamp, Australia

Gerade Ruinenkamp is our patients for over 7 years. He kindly give us his testimonial. Thank you Gerade

Mr.Donald Flanagan

" Hi my name is Don and I come from Sydney. I have been coming to Dr.Boon for over 12 years. My wife and I come sometime twice a year or at least once a year, we have our dental work done here and we have many friends from Sydney who comes and throughout australia I think about over 20 friends, beautiful friends.  I have veneer work done and transform my mouth and am happy to smile. I even have a friend, a retired dentist, he's now a patient of Dr.Boon. He came with me to check it out and he thinks Dr.Boon's work is excellent.  Friendly place to come to, you feel very comfortable and everyone is very kind."

Duport Turine - France

“My smile is beautiful“


“Dr.Boonyarit is expert, very patient, good dentist“

Pauline Gasparotlo - Australia

“ Dr.Boon was so Lovely and he's taken care me everything beautiful“

“ I'm very very happy and I'll recommend to anyone “

“ Very Impress with Smile “

“The most beautiful straight of teeth I'd never had in my life “

“ The service, Kim you were absolutely fantastic in helping us and talking on the internet “

“ Absolutely Fantastic, Thank You “

Christine Smith-Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kim Just wanted to say Hi and thank you again for my beautiful new teeth, everyone says that they look so real, and I cannot stop smiling, once again please thank Dr Boon for such a rushed job. I hope to come back with my family in early May next year and my daughter in law would love to have her teeth done also. Her teeth are a lot more crooked than mine and she has one of the teeth missing next to her eye tooth. I just wondered what we have to do to begin the process of booking her in for an appointment and how long would be needed to fix her teeth. If you need to I can email some pictures of her teeth for Dr Boon to access.

Once again thank you for all your kindness when I was in Bangkok.

Kindest Regards
​Christine Smith

Gerard Ruivenkamp – Melbourne, Australia

“I had the major work done, felt very comfortable the professionalism of Dr.Boon and his staff. If you see the quality and ability you will know“

“I would come back again if I need a major work“

“If you wish to find out competitive price you can do that“

“Excellent services, I have experienced service that I have not experience before“


Arlete Waite - Melbourne, Australia

“I’m very very satisfy, very pleasant stay, Dr.Boon is generous doctor you can come across, he’s very kind….”

“I love my new SHINNY WHITE TEETH“

“The service is top of the world“


Philip England - England

Dentech has been absoutely amazing till change as you can see my smile, professionalism, corresponding to make my flying thousand miles overhere to do the work here.....................

So I more than happy with the service, excellent all staff. The work is far beyond my expectation I would never never thought.......

Dr.Boon absolutely fantastic really care from start to finish, what you want, he listened to you and he delivered it hundred percent so I more than happy.