Recovering After Major Oral Surgery At A Bangkok Dental Clinic

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 04:04 PM

Your #1 concern after undergoing a significant oral surgical procedure at a Bangkok dental clinic should be recovery. Your dentist will provide you with post-op instructions which you should follow to the letter. Failure to do so could lead to the site of the operation being infected.

Dealing With Bleeding & Swelling

It is normal to suffer bleeding after a tooth extraction in a Bangkok dental clinic. Your dentist should give you gauze which you must bite down on for up to 60 minutes. This should help prevent the bleeding from reoccurring. A trick sometimes used by dentists is to get patients to bite on a moist black tea bag as its tannic acid content can assist with clotting and reduce bleeding.

Swelling is also a likely consequence of oral surgery so you need to keep your head elevated on pillows while using an ice pack on the outside of the area that was operated on. The swelling should be 100% gone within 7-10 days.

Pain Management

The level of pain felt varies from patient to patient and also depends on the procedure. Bangkok dental clinics are well known for helping patients feel less pain than usual with up to date pain medication on offer. You may also be given an antibiotic to help prevent infection.

Rest & Recovery

Complete rest is recommended for 2-3 days after the procedure and you should avoid rinsing and spitting for at least 24 hours. It is a good idea to rinse your mouth with a saline or saltwater solution one day after the procedure; this aids the healing process.

If you are a smoker you must abstain for at least 24 hours after surgery as smoking delays healing. Follow all of the above tips and you should have a fast recovery which enables you to really enjoy the rest of your vacation.

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Mr.Donald Flanagan

Sydney, Australia

" Hi my name is Don and I come from Sydney. I have been coming to Dr.Boon for over 12 years. My wife and I come sometime twice a year or at least once a year, we have our dental work done here and we have many friends from Sydney who comes and throughout australia I think about over 20 friends, beautiful friends.

Hazel Ruivenkamp


Hi my name is Hazel from Australia I have just has new wiz bang veneers put on 15 of my teeth and I am thrilled to bits with the results .
I can't say it was painless but as the saying goes no pain no gain . 
Dr Boon was like a master craftsman, making sure every tooth made the correct contact

Mr.David Smith


David Smith and his wife Debra are our patients which refer by their relative. Thanks David for your kind Testimonial

Mr.Gerard Ruivenkamp


Gerade Ruinenkamp is our patients for over 7 years. He kindly give us his testimonial. Thank you Gerade

Duport Turine


“My smile is beautiful“


“Dr.Boonyarit is expert, very patient, good dentist“

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