2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Braces

Tuesday, September 26, 2017 05:04 PM

Braces are one of the most common methods of straightening misaligned teeth. Having braces put on is one of the procedures you may have done at PMDC Dental. Before you do, it will help to know what some of the advantages and disadvantages are of having braces on.

One advantage of braces – Especially metal braces – Is that they tend to be some of the more steady and strong options for correcting teeth. They can generally take more abuse than many other types of dental implants. Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be cautious with them, as they can break under too much abuse, but they can generally take more abuse than most types of dental implants.

You also have options when it comes to braces. You can get the metal ones, which are the strongest, or you can try the ceramic and or plastic versions. The ceramic and plastic versions blend in with your teeth better, but tend to be weaker than the metal versions. The metal versions may also be necessary if your teeth are severely out of alignment.

Of course, the biggest advantage to braces is straightening your teeth. If you have teeth that are misaligned, braces are generally the best at straightening them out. It might be a pain to have them on your teeth, but in the long run, you will likely get a nice smile out of it.

In terms of disadvantages, the big one with metal braces is how much they stick out. Metal braces can leave people feeling very self conscious, and there really is no way to hide them. Ceramic and plastic versions don't stick out as much, however, so if they are an option for you, you might want to consider them.

Another disadvantage is that you have to watch what you eat with braces. Hard foods can increase the risk of your braces breaking, while sticky foods can get easily stuck on them. You will generally have to stick more to soft foods when you have braces.

Discomfort is another disadvantage that braces can bring. It can be painful for your teeth when braces are first put on, and it might take several days for the pain to subside. You will have to get them tightened, as well, which can also leave your teeth feeling sore. 

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Hazel Ruivenkamp


Hi my name is Hazel from Australia I have just has new wiz bang veneers put on 15 of my teeth and I am thrilled to bits with the results .
I can't say it was painless but as the saying goes no pain no gain . 
Dr Boon was like a master craftsman, making sure every tooth made the correct contact

Mr.David Smith


David Smith and his wife Debra are our patients which refer by their relative. Thanks David for your kind Testimonial

Mr.Gerard Ruivenkamp


Gerade Ruinenkamp is our patients for over 7 years. He kindly give us his testimonial. Thank you Gerade

Duport Turine


“My smile is beautiful“


“Dr.Boonyarit is expert, very patient, good dentist“

Christine Smith

Melbourne, Australia

Hi Kim Just wanted to say Hi and thank you again for my beautiful new teeth, everyone says that they look so real, and I cannot stop smiling, once again please thank Dr Boon for such a rushed job. I hope to come back with my family in early May next year and my daughter in law would love to have her teeth done also

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