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Tooth Color Restoration


In the old time the material of choice for making filling on the posterior teeth is Amalgam that have black color. Nowadays everyone don't want black or metal color in the mouth. Now we we don't use Amalgam in our clinic anymore. So if we always do tooth color filling for patients. For the one that have Black Amalgam in the mouth can wait until the filling have to be change then make it with tooth color material or they can change it immediately if they like. We have two technic to do Tooth color Restoration. First is Composite Direct Filling , the second is Porcelain Inlay. Composite Direct Filling is good for the small to moderate size of restoration. It can be done on one visit and cheaper than Porcelain Inlay. Porcelain Inlay is good for the moderate to large size of restoration. It take two visit and more expensive than the direct composite. Our dentists can recommend the patients which treatments is suitable for each patients.

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