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Porcelain Veneer


When you want to correct color, size, shape, axis or your tooth alignment, you can do Porcelain Veneer. This technic our dentist will cut the small amount of labial surface out and change into the new Porcelain Shell to correct the defect that you have. This technic can be done only some teeth to conservative correct your some area of defect, or you can change all of your smile to a new bright shiny straight teeth by doing approximately 16 Veneer from right first premolar to left premolar on upper and lower teeth. The process begin by our dentist will take Still and Clip digital Image and design the smile with the patients then grind patients teeth take impress and send it to laboratory. The second Visit,4-5 day after, our dentists will bond porcelain veneer back in to patients' teeth. Some case we can change and extremely ugly teeth to a new perfect naturally beautiful smile. This precess is just only 1 week that is suitable for International Patients. Someone call this treatment "One week Orthodontic".

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